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St. Helens Star Behavior Expectations

We know that sometimes students struggle to make positive behavior choices. When students make a choice that doesn’t match with our school-wide expectations, the following steps will be taken:

  • The student will be redirected twice by the supervising teacher.
  • The student will be sent to the Recovery Area in their homeroom classroom. This area will be set aside from the rest of the class and will give the student the opportunity to center themselves before rejoining the rest of the class. The area will include a graphic organizer that is meant to prompt the student to think about making better choices.Before returning back to the classroom activity, the teacher is encouraged to spend a few minutes in discussion with the student giving the student an opportunity to share what they thought about in the Recovery Area.
  • Upon returning to the activity of the classroom, if the student continues to make poor choices (i.e. refusing to follow any of the four Star Pride Behaviors) the student will be sent to a Buddy Room. This room is prearranged by the homeroom teacher with another teacher. While in the buddy room, the student will be required to fill out a behavior plan that will include the reason why they have been placed into a buddy room. It will also ask them to write about how to make better choices.
    Upon completion of their task in the buddy room, the child will need to conference with the teacher. This may look different in each classroom and with each child. This could include calling home to talk with a parent, sending a letter home with the child of obtaining the assistance from a person in a mentoring position in the school building. This would exclude the Principal.
  • The final step is a referral to the Principal and a call home to parents. A problem-solving meeting may be set up at this time.