The following students were recognized as St. Helens Elementary School Citizens of the Month of February for practicing Assertiveness:

Back Row: Emily Roach, Kasch Sconiers, Principal Mrs. Teel, Olivia Lowery and Chris Banister

Middle Row: Harper Hamilton, Aden Smith, Lucas Strong, Jonathan Fiala, Ava Bethea and Seleny Lucas

Front Row: Ravenna Daniels, Lillian Riley, Antonio Guzman, Sonia Lopez-Cruz, Jacob Wygant, Melody Stout and Katalina Montes


The following students were recognized for the week of February 24th through the 28th for demonstrating Super Star behaviors:

Kindergarten: Lily Anne Cowles, Abel Rivera, Jade Lansing, Alexander Nava, Tia Dowling, Elizabeth McMurray, Lena Cooper and Tanner Kleinfelter

1st Grade: Abigail Sanders, Aryanna Sparks, Jina Pratin, Remy Ames, Carson Majesky and Kimberly Rosas

2nd Grade: Rosalyn Johnson, Kaiyden Kell –Elliott, Brent Brown, Khyli Flock, Soren Daniels and Lilly Arquette

3rd Grade: Carlee Kurtz, Corben Long, Lucas Strong, Adrian Ornelas, Nora Cooper and America Alvarez

4th Grade: Omar Ruelas, Delilah Abernathy, Aiden Savage and Brooklynn Hockaday

5th Grade: Isaiah Ramirez, Ieisha Jones, Katelynn Peltchie and DJ Dickson